Star Benders


by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Artist: Star Benders / Photographer: Pierre Pastel
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Star Benders ‘StarBenders’

STARBENDERS kick off 2017 with a brand new single, ‘Down & Out’, produced by Nico Constantine for Institution Records. Photographer Pierre Pastel follows band members Kimi Shelter (vox, gtr) & Kriss Tokaji (gtr) around their hometown of Atlanta, GA on a cold autumn day. Here is what Kimi had to say about the band’s latest effort:

“Down and Out is an apocalyptic pop song. You’re being told that everything will be alright while the world is on fire. This is what people who are tuned in and turned on face. Being a creature of love has left you exiled while those bent on evil descend upon your heart like vultures. Our freedom is found within dreams. We live on starlight.”



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