Miles Marie

‘Stars & shadows’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Miles Marie / Model: Shelbie Kramer
Stars & shadows: 1/8
Stars & shadows: 2/8
Stars & shadows: 3/8
Stars & shadows: 4/8
Stars & shadows: 5/8
Stars & shadows: 6/8
Stars & shadows: 7/8
Stars & shadows: 8/8

Miles Marie ‘Stars & shadows’

“She’s a duo chrome tease from your Lover’s Lane dreams. But she keeps her secrets hidden behind stars & shadows.” Detroit based creatives, Miles Marie &  Shelbie Kramer present their stunning debut series.

“Shelbie & I just vibe together. I’d been saving this vintage lover’s lane gypsy two-piece for her, & as soon as she put it on she gave that garment a voice (a voice it was so refreshing to hear). When I stuck her under the piano I could tell she felt awkward, but after seeing the pictures she told me, “I just kept reminding myself the more awkward it feels, the better it looks.”



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