Omri Dahan

‘Steam room’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

14 photographs.
Photographer: Omri Dahan / Model: Lila Gouws / Model Management: My Friend Ned / Make-up Artist: Hana Sho / Assistant: Hana Sho
Steam room: 1/14
Steam room: 2/14
Steam room: 3/14
Steam room: 4/14
Steam room: 5/14
Steam room: 6/14
Steam room: 7/14
Steam room: 8/14
Steam room: 9/14
Steam room: 10/14
Steam room: 11/14
Steam room: 12/14
Steam room: 13/14
Steam room: 14/14

Omri Dahan ‘Steam room’

18 years old & making incredible art, it’s a pleasure to introduce a new contributor in Cape Town creative, Omri Dahan. “I flunked out of high-school when I was 15, which went horribly south & now I’m a freelance music producer & photographer. Sorry mum!”

For his debut feature, Omri meets with Lila Gouws.

“I’ve worked with Lila on a shoot before & I knew she would fit the aesthetic I was going for. I phoned up my friend Greg as he has a decent shower &asked if we could shoot there. This series doesn’t highlight any theme in particular, but for me there is definitely aspects of frustration & relief within the series which contrast against one another. But, at the same time frustration & relief have a symbiotic relationship with showers. Perhaps my inspiration subconsciously stemmed from my love for showers – I don’t know. My girlfriend Hana helped me with lights & make up & stuff. Besides my lens getting steamed up every few minutes & Lila’s nipples getting cold, we all laughed & got a little wet.”



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