Hector Rondon

‘Stick-it (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Photographer: Hector Rondon / Model: Julie W
Stick-it (NSFW): 1/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 2/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 3/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 4/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 5/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 6/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 7/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 8/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 9/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 10/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 11/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 12/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 13/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 14/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 15/16
Stick-it (NSFW): 16/16

Hector Rondon ‘Stick-it (NSFW)’

Orlando based photographer, Hector Rondon brings us his awesome debut series.

“On our last shoot together Julie told me about some stickers she bought online & that she wanted to do a shoot with them. Ideas began flowing & a couple months later this happened. Working with her is an absolute pleasure. She is one of my favourite models to shoot with, very easy going, fun & professional. We always have a great time.”



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