Sophia Kelly

‘Sticky fingers’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Sophia Kelly / Model: Grace Piehl
Sticky fingers: 1/6
Sticky fingers: 2/6
Sticky fingers: 3/6
Sticky fingers: 4/6
Sticky fingers: 5/6
Sticky fingers: 6/6

Sophia Kelly ‘Sticky fingers’

Sophia Kelly captures the beautiful, Grace Piehl in the first warmth of the Los Angeles Summer.

“There’s something special about the summertime. Sticky fingers from dripping ripe fruit, the warmth from the sun, golden skin, the lingering smell of the flowers, it all makes me feel nostalgic & sensual. I wanted to portray this feminine warmth, that I love so much, in my work. It was amazing experimenting with the mid-day summer light & the overly juicy fruit. I tried to capture the tender, beginning moments of the season.”



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