Stillness (NSFW): 1/13 Stillness (NSFW): 1/13
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Allan Fredrick ‘Stillness (NSFW)’

NY based photographer, Allan Fredrick spent ten years in U.S. military before, sick of the long days, he gave up his uniform for a camera, as it turns out, even longer days! An introspect with a penchant for people watching, naturally he aimed his lens at the most fascinating, & most difficult to capture, subject of all, & so began his career/obsession with portraiture.

‘Stillness’ is Allan’s latest project, starring Kara Neko which includes a mix of digital & film photos & VHS stills. Here is what he told us about the day…

“Kara and I had worked together once before, and it’s always nice working with the same people again, but Kara especially is such a great and wonderful person to work with. I have a friend who is a fashion designer and lives/works in this amazing little loft in Chinatown that gets the most beautiful afternoon sunlight, so when Kara and I met up there we both knew we wanted to do nudes that would take advantage of the cool space and awesome light. We ended up spending the afternoon just hanging out, taking pictures, talking about photography, books, school, life. We also did some work on a personal project that I’ve been doing, those are the VHS stills, that is about a certain obsessive documentation of beauty, and again her and I just went with it and improvised ideas while we shot.”



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