Dave Herron

‘Stoop sale (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Dave Herron / Model: Obreanna McReynolds
Stoop sale (NSFW): 1/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 2/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 3/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 4/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 5/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 6/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 7/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 8/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 9/10
Stoop sale (NSFW): 10/10

Dave Herron ‘Stoop sale (NSFW)’

Inspired to shoot after discovering a shopping bag full of expired & unmarked film at a stoop sale in his Brooklyn neighbourhood, here is our debut feature by Dave Herron.

“There’s massive amounts of these stoop sales on Saturdays & I was lucky enough to find this gem among the vintage records & used clothes & kids toys. I figured why not see if I could shoot it off today.

Obreanna is a friend of mine in Philly. We had shot once together, years back, then lost touch. Recently, I had seen on Instagram that she had moved to NY as well. Not only that, but we’re practically neighbours. We made a plan to spend a hot June day in Brooklyn shooting off the film I found.”



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