Gab Bois

‘Strangely uncomfortable’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Gab Bois
Strangely uncomfortable: 1/8
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Strangely uncomfortable: 3/8
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Gab Bois ‘Strangely uncomfortable’

One of my new years resolutions – clean up my insta feed so that I stop getting mad at what I see in it. Lol. Follow accounts that make me laugh, inspire me, push me… Top of my list – Gab Bois. Specializing in concept-orientated close-ups that usually go viral, the Montreal ex-art student often uses herself as a canvas. Gab loves to make people uncomfortable with her pictures & to confront the traditional photography standards.

Today it is such a pleasure to feature a selection of my faves. Always looking forward to seeing what she will do next! Thank you for making original content Gab!



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