Strangeness: 1/8 Strangeness: 1/8
Strangeness: 2/8 Strangeness: 2/8
Strangeness: 3/8 Strangeness: 3/8
Strangeness: 4/8 Strangeness: 4/8
Strangeness: 5/8 Strangeness: 5/8
Strangeness: 6/8 Strangeness: 6/8
Strangeness: 7/8 Strangeness: 7/8
Strangeness: 8/8 Strangeness: 8/8

Victoria Innocenzi ‘Strangeness’

LA creatives, Victoria Innocenzi & musician, model, actor, Sarah Chapin have made a habit out of shooting impromptu sets since the day they met. “The first time I shot with Sarah, we were killing time in a showroom on a shoot I helped produce. Sarah has a strangeness to her that is totally enchanting, but she’s also one of the most down to earth people out there. Every shoot we have together is totally sincere & we’re not looking to please anyone. Our shoots are indulging what we’re feeling at the moment & finding a way to express it with whatever resources are available.”



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