Alex Wright

‘Street Nostalgia’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Alex Wright / Model: Emma Davies / Stylist: Emma Townsend
Street Nostalgia: 1/6
Street Nostalgia: 2/6
Street Nostalgia: 3/6
Street Nostalgia: 4/6
Street Nostalgia: 5/6
Street Nostalgia: 6/6

Alex Wright ‘Street Nostalgia’

Inspired  by his love for fashion & the seduction of night, Alex Wright brings us his debut feature starring Emma Davies.

“Night brings about a specific mood, especially when you are dressed to impress. Street lights add a subliminal element of seduction whilst the cloud of night can bring out the natural seductress in us. The locations hint at our desires as well as the street lights providing a blanket of sex, mystery & charm over the subject.”



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