Thai Hibbert


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Thai Hibbert / Model: Rachelle Holland
Streetheart: 1/8
Streetheart: 2/8
Streetheart: 3/8
Streetheart: 4/8
Streetheart: 5/8
Streetheart: 6/8
Streetheart: 7/8
Streetheart: 8/8

Thai Hibbert ‘Streetheart’

Inspired by their mutual love for street wear, here is ‘Streetheart’ starring the incredibly beautiful Rachelle holland, shot by Thai Hibbert.

“This shoot encapsulates my on going obsession with sex & youth culture. I really wanted to capture Rachelle’s personal style as her appreciation for street wear rivalled my own & that intrigued me. I felt like we shared similar energies & this made her a pleasure to photograph.”



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