Stretch: 1/8 Stretch: 1/8
Stretch: 2/8 Stretch: 2/8
Stretch: 3/8 Stretch: 3/8
Stretch: 4/8 Stretch: 4/8
Stretch: 5/8 Stretch: 5/8
Stretch: 6/8 Stretch: 6/8
Stretch: 7/8 Stretch: 7/8
Stretch: 8/8 Stretch: 8/8

Alejandro ‘Stretch’

San Diego native Alejandro started taking photos at 14 of friends skateboarding. Today you’ll find him shooting somewhere between the beach, mountains &┬ádesert.

“I was a little worried at first that it might be weird or awkward. Rayna & I have shot together before, but with Covid it had been a looong time since either of us had been in front or behind the camera. But despite that, everything came together amazingly. It felt so natural & great to do something creative with another person again!”



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