Suaded –

Michael Livingston


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Michael Livingston / Model: Mary Rosenberger / Stylist: Fiona Lake / Accessories: Fiona Lake
Suaded: 1/9
Suaded: 2/9
Suaded: 3/9
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Suaded: 6/9
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Suaded: 9/9

Michael Livingston ‘Suaded’

This beautiful dreamlike film series is titled ‘Suaded’ which is Portuguese for; a nostalgic longing for someone one loves.

Here is what LA based photographer, Michael Livingston told us about the day…

“Fiona found an incredibly inspiring model (Mary) & we set out to capture Fiona in hand picked vintage pieces, keeping the style minimal, & I used old film cameras to aid in the surreal look. We used a friend’s house in the presidio that had an amazing tropical garden.

Once we started shooting inspiration poured out, Mary is unlike any model I’ve shot, & I felt outside myself. Everyone had a laid back attitude; how an SF shoot should be. It was impromptu & a little random, but it all came together”.



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