Jamie Fraiche

‘Sugar loaf’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Jamie Fraiche / Model: Emeryld
Sugar loaf: 1/10
Sugar loaf: 2/10
Sugar loaf: 3/10
Sugar loaf: 4/10
Sugar loaf: 5/10
Sugar loaf: 6/10
Sugar loaf: 7/10
Sugar loaf: 8/10
Sugar loaf: 9/10
Sugar loaf: 10/10

Jamie Fraiche ‘Sugar loaf’

Inspired by their mutual love of all things vintage, photographer Jamie Fraiche & her latest muse, Emeryld hit the Venice beach thrift shops & came away with a rad button down jumper & shades.

“When she walked out of the dressing room my eyes lit up & I was like “We have to shoot you in that!” The shop itself was a perfect set up with all of the vinyls & old furniture with the funky colours. I couldn’t have set up the scene better myself, that’s where the first set took place. Then we decided to hit the beach. She was freezing but she made the photos look so warm & fun!”



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