Sian Ashleigh

‘Suicide Blondes’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Sian Ashleigh / Model: Christie Bradshaw / Model: Chelsea Morter
Suicide Blondes: 1/7
Suicide Blondes: 2/7
Suicide Blondes: 3/7
Suicide Blondes: 4/7
Suicide Blondes: 5/7
Suicide Blondes: 6/7
Suicide Blondes: 7/7

Sian Ashleigh ‘Suicide Blondes’

Soooooooo incredibly jet lagged guys!!! Just got home from our ‘Pinks not dead tour’ around LA & Vegas, after catching an Uber to the bus station, a bus to the LAX, a 13 hour flight to the Australian airport, a bus to another bus, which eventually got us home. I am in no state to talk good right now. So imma leave you with one question; Who doesn’t love a good arcade shoot?

‘Suicide Blondes’ is our latest series from Sian Ashleigh.

“I headed home to Wales to hang out at the beach arcade with a Model friend, & decided to call another model I knew in the area to make a shoot day of it! We just hung out & I shot while they tried to squeeze themselves into ridiculously small children’s rides for the most part!”



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