Tom Weller

‘Sullen girls’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Tom Weller / Model: Aimee Gillingwater / Model: Aaliyah Aileru / Model: Beth Dunne / Model: Emma / Model: Robert Sabwa
Sullen girls: 1/15
Sullen girls: 2/15
Sullen girls: 3/15
Sullen girls: 4/15
Sullen girls: 5/15
Sullen girls: 6/15
Sullen girls: 7/15
Sullen girls: 8/15
Sullen girls: 9/15
Sullen girls: 10/15
Sullen girls: 11/15
Sullen girls: 12/15
Sullen girls: 13/15
Sullen girls: 14/15
Sullen girls: 15/15

Tom Weller ‘Sullen girls’

Young artist from Colchester (UK) brings us his awesome debut series. This is ‘Sullen girls’ by Tom Weller.

“For this shoot I wanted to show the diverse range of girls that live in London, particularly girl skaters around the city. I met them in their regular day spots & just had as much fun with it as possible! Instead of using white walls, studio lighting, etc, I figured that showing them in this way felt way more natural & captures their personalities perfecty.”

Wardrobe; Sullen Girl X Dayna Murphy.



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