Quique Rivera

‘Summer daze’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Quique Rivera / Creative director: Bianca Alexa / Model: Bianca Alexa / Model: Raiza Lopez / Stylist: Rare Flare
Summer daze: 1/9
Summer daze: 2/9
Summer daze: 3/9
Summer daze: 4/9
Summer daze: 5/9
Summer daze: 6/9
Summer daze: 7/9
Summer daze: 8/9
Summer daze: 9/9

Quique Rivera ‘Summer daze’

Reminiscent of 90’s tom boy & hip hop styles, & shot under the California sun, here is ‘Summer daze’ by Puerto Rican artist & award winning filmmaker, Quique Rivera.

Today we are giving black Friday a whole new meaning & featuring/celebrating our beautiful POC friends. After reading through a bunch of ignorant responses to the #blacklivesmatter movement on instagram, we wanted to show our sorrow & support to the community who continue to live in fear & suffer at the hands of racist, unenlightened uniform wearers, who are sworn to protect them.

Even though as a white Australian girl I will never truly understand this struggle, I believe this is a human fight, not a racial one. But fighting hate with hate makes war & gives these dumb dumbs more power & more excuses to take more lives. Let’s make love instead. Let’s get creative. What can we do to help? Email me: [email protected]

On a lighter note, how fucking awesome is this shoot! LOVE!!!



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