Sun dance –

Alexandra Kacha

‘Sun dance’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

17 photographs.
Photographer: Alexandra Kacha / Model: Lauren Hastings / Stylist: Alexandria Montague Seeley / Photographer assistant: Michael Dodd
Sun dance: 1/17
Sun dance: 2/17
Sun dance: 3/17
Sun dance: 4/17
Sun dance: 5/17
Sun dance: 6/17
Sun dance: 7/17
Sun dance: 8/17
Sun dance: 9/17
Sun dance: 10/17
Sun dance: 11/17
Sun dance: 12/17
Sun dance: 13/17
Sun dance: 14/17
Sun dance: 15/17
Sun dance: 16/17
Sun dance: 17/17

Alexandra Kacha ‘Sun dance’

Cali muse Lauren Hastings has been someone I have followed on Instagram since the day I signed up. She kind of puts out this elegant zero fucks vibe that always has me coming back for more. Today it’s a pleasure to feature the natural beauty, captured by fellow Cali creative, Alexandra Kacha.

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