Sunbaking: 1/9 Sunbaking: 1/9
Sunbaking: 2/9 Sunbaking: 2/9
Sunbaking: 3/9 Sunbaking: 3/9
Sunbaking: 4/9 Sunbaking: 4/9
Sunbaking: 5/9 Sunbaking: 5/9
Sunbaking: 6/9 Sunbaking: 6/9
Sunbaking: 7/9 Sunbaking: 7/9
Sunbaking: 8/9 Sunbaking: 8/9
Sunbaking: 9/9 Sunbaking: 9/9

Helena Lu ‘Sunbaking’

LA creative Helena Lu met with Kira Lee in her beautiful Beverly Hills hotel for their new collaboration. Special thanks to the kind sunbaking man down the street for offering up your awesome car for some shots 🙂



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