Olivia North

‘Sunday school’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Olivia North / Model: Marissa Baklayan / Model Management: Willow Models / Stylist: Marissa Baklayan
Sunday school: 1/8
Sunday school: 2/8
Sunday school: 3/8
Sunday school: 4/8
Sunday school: 5/8
Sunday school: 6/8
Sunday school: 7/8
Sunday school: 8/8

Olivia North ‘Sunday school’

Shot on  35mm film on a hot Sunny day in Portland, this is ” by creative force, Olivia North.

“It takes place at an elementary school with skater boys flocking the courts. We shot multiple rolls this day, but unfortunately lost many photos to a film camera error. What remains are the treasures of this day, & a clear narrative of naughty school girls….drinking beer by the bathroom, showing off our butts to the boys, playing in the grass pretending no one can see us. These roles we take on as young girls continue with us in our adulthood & influence our sexualities, & I continue to ask “where do we find freedom?” This editorial is another piece of that puzzle…



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