Lagoon Collective

‘Sundown Saunter (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

16 photographs.
Production: Lagoon Collective / Photographer: Tim Swallow / CinematographerEd Triglone / Model: Sarah Shaw / Model: Bronte
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 1/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 2/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 3/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 4/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 5/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 6/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 7/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 8/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 9/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 10/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 11/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 12/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 13/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 14/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 15/16
Sundown Saunter (NSFW): 16/16

Lagoon Collective ‘Sundown Saunter (NSFW)’

In the lead up to his Sydney Exhibition late this year, Tim Swallow has been releasing his mesmerising 10 part ‘If We Die Tomorrow’ series one by one here exclusively. Each of them feature Tim’s friends getting back to nature how nature intended it, completely nude. All of them are stamped with Tim’s own brand of fucking awesome but all of them are so incredibly unique. Now we have the pleasure to show you No. 7, titled ‘Sundown Saunter’. Be sure to check his first 6 out too!

But first, thanks to Tim’s amazing Cinematographer friend, Ed Triglone & their production company, Lagoon Collective we also have a film to show you from the day.



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