Sweetness: 1/7 Sweetness: 1/7
Sweetness: 2/7 Sweetness: 2/7
Sweetness: 3/7 Sweetness: 3/7
Sweetness: 4/7 Sweetness: 4/7
Sweetness: 5/7 Sweetness: 5/7
Sweetness: 6/7 Sweetness: 6/7
Sweetness: 7/7 Sweetness: 7/7

James Beddoes ‘Sweetness’

For his latest feature, UK photographer James Beddoes meets with Californian globe trotter, Karla at her boyfs London apartment.

“Having spent the last 7 years in a relationship with a fellow Cali-girl, I find it a really relaxing and comforting vibe to be around and I think that comes through in the shoot. Karla has an effortless cool that shines through.”



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