Swelter: 1/11 Swelter: 1/11
Swelter: 2/11 Swelter: 2/11
Swelter: 3/11 Swelter: 3/11
Swelter: 4/11 Swelter: 4/11
Swelter: 5/11 Swelter: 5/11
Swelter: 6/11 Swelter: 6/11
Swelter: 7/11 Swelter: 7/11
Swelter: 8/11 Swelter: 8/11
Swelter: 9/11 Swelter: 9/11
Swelter: 10/11 Swelter: 10/11
Swelter: 11/11 Swelter: 11/11

Guido Di Salle ‘Swelter’

‘Swelter’ is our latest steamy series out of Toronto by¬†Guido Di Salle starring¬†Alexis Armour

“We started this shoot in the late afternoon because Toronto had a sudden heatwave where we went from winter like weather to sweltering heat. The photos don’t show how hot it was, other than the typical hotness on display that is Alexis. This was my third time shooting Alexis so we were well acquainted.”



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