Synesthesia: 1/10 Synesthesia: 1/10
Synesthesia: 2/10 Synesthesia: 2/10
Synesthesia: 3/10 Synesthesia: 3/10
Synesthesia: 4/10 Synesthesia: 4/10
Synesthesia: 5/10 Synesthesia: 5/10
Synesthesia: 6/10 Synesthesia: 6/10
Synesthesia: 7/10 Synesthesia: 7/10
Synesthesia: 8/10 Synesthesia: 8/10
Synesthesia: 9/10 Synesthesia: 9/10
Synesthesia: 10/10 Synesthesia: 10/10

Oliver Sutton ‘Synesthesia’

Oliver Sutton brings us another beautiful series captured at the famous Cape Garden Route.

“Chloe comes from another world. She is an artist. She makes colour and hue a dream come true. In fact she has a type of synesthesia where emotions and experiences can be experienced as a colour. I am light orange and sometimes deep orange in her eyes. Very gifted human.”

Wardrobe: Juni, Pouli, Vitamin A swim.



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