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Adam Dawda ‘Taipei at midnight’

Sometimes, Adam Dawda finds his subjects to be conduits to express the way he feels; a way to express & portray a mood. He connects most with the darker side of life; it seems to somehow be the most honest side of the human condition & beyond all vales of pretension. There is a darkness in all of us & there is uncertainty in that darkness. The traveling photographer brings us new work starring & styled by Ruslana Bila.

“My inertia is stifled
I have a blocking in the circulation of my spirit
My soul has lost its freedom
Caged by the serfdom of my anxiety
What was free to flight once now drags itself heavily about
My breath is shallow
My lungs are deflated and without elasticity
My heart spreads its lifeblood with trouble
My pulse is soft, it feels impure
Hollow are my insides
Though weighed by some sinking vortex
My breath escapes my mouth only to be sucked back into my defiled bosom
It is mystery to me but I imagine it has already consumed most of my vital organs
Behind my eyes it sucks out the flesh
My eyes are beginning to recede into my skull
Dull and hollow
Like the sockets of a skeleton
I am wasting away
I exist, for now
But only as a wrapping of flesh on bones
I am barely material and I am unanimated
Spirit abates me
I am left in consumption
A patient to this void, insatiable
Bury me of what is left
Corpse that I am”

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