Kalindy Williams

‘Take away’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Kalindy Williams / Model: Lewis Macmaster / Make-up Artist: Frankie Hopkins
Take away: 1/8
Take away: 2/8
Take away: 3/8
Take away: 4/8
Take away: 5/8
Take away: 6/8
Take away: 7/8
Take away: 8/8

Kalindy Williams ‘Take away’

Melbourne photographer, Kalindy Williams takes us back to a simpler time when the best thing to do on a hot Australian Summer day was pay several trips to the milk bar, buy Golden Gaytimes & wait for it to cool down. Shot on 35mm film & styled in head to toe vintage, her muse, Lewis Macmaster makes me want to relive my innocent teen years all over again.

Featured brands; Top Knot Goods, Tuesday Vintage, Retro Grade USA.



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