Tom Mckay

‘Tangerine denim dream’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Tom Mckay / Wardrobe: Casey Lamb / Model: Safiya / Model: Khamisa / Model: Alexis / Model: Nora
Tangerine denim dream: 1/8
Tangerine denim dream: 2/8
Tangerine denim dream: 3/8
Tangerine denim dream: 4/8
Tangerine denim dream: 5/8
Tangerine denim dream: 6/8
Tangerine denim dream: 7/8
Tangerine denim dream: 8/8

Tom Mckay ‘Tangerine denim dream’

Tom Mckay & stylist/designer, Casey Lamb team up to create a stunning look book for Casey’s rad AF denim brand, KSLAM Clothing.

“Tom hauled this 9 foot back across the city for this shoot. The concept came from a few different places, as we wanted to capture & contrast colour. The vintage pieces were styled & hand picked by the designer. We all came together in a stuffy little apartment to make this come to life. For most of us it was our first time meeting, & the vibes were unreal. I think the images really capture how much of a fun & easy going atmosphere there was. We all just sat around, listened to good music, & joked. I’m really thankful for this group. Were all creatives in the city we live in, straying from dancers, designers, make up artists, photographers, singers, & models. Its crazy that the internet can bring together such creative people. It was a clothing shoot for local designer but turned into something much more.”



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