Cynthia Wong

‘Tangerine haze’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Cynthia Wong / Model: Claudia Barnard / Model Management: Maggic Inc / Make-up Artist: Denekia Carmel Artistry
Tangerine haze: 1/11
Tangerine haze: 2/11
Tangerine haze: 3/11
Tangerine haze: 4/11
Tangerine haze: 5/11
Tangerine haze: 6/11
Tangerine haze: 7/11
Tangerine haze: 8/11
Tangerine haze: 9/11
Tangerine haze: 10/11
Tangerine haze: 11/11

Cynthia Wong ‘Tangerine haze’

Inspired by the vibrant, colourful & sticky thirst-quenching fruits we so often crave on hot Summer days, Cynthia Wong brings us a new gorgeous series set on the colourful streets of Jamaica Plain, Boston.

“Each outfit & make-up look was based on a fruit & we enjoyed wandering the streets, taking photos, making sticky messes & enjoying the hazy, hot summer afternoon.”

#sun #vibrant #colourful #colorfuol #boston #fruit #girl #female #woman #streets #food #bangs #bob #makeup



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