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Tilda Blues ‘Tate’

As fate would have it, Tilda Blues met her team at the Tate Modern Museum in London, randomly, while waiting in line to buy a ticket for the (sold out) exhibition of Olafur Eliasson.

“I couldn’t get a ticket, but I ended up talking to this group of four. Two of them were models, one creative director & one editor, all studying in fashion. I thought they had the most amazing style – they all looked so elegant & voguish. I loved it. Unfortunately, I only had 3 days left in London, but we exchanged our info & managed to plan a full creative shoot in less than 48h. I really wanted them to wear some of their own outfits, to show their individual styles, creativity & culture. Ke is a stylist and fashion journalist, from Qindao City, China, while Zhenyu studies in womenswear & is originally from Beijing. In the current climate of xenophobia towards the Chinese community, it felt appropriate to picture & show off a glimpse of the current Chinese fashion trends. The shoot went smoothly, thanks to everyone’s participation & good energy.”

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