Mike Ivnitsky

‘Tel Aviv heat’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Mike Ivnitsky / Model: Shay Ri
Tel Aviv heat: 1/9
Tel Aviv heat: 2/9
Tel Aviv heat: 3/9
Tel Aviv heat: 4/9
Tel Aviv heat: 5/9
Tel Aviv heat: 6/9
Tel Aviv heat: 7/9
Tel Aviv heat: 8/9
Tel Aviv heat: 9/9

Mike Ivnitsky ‘Tel Aviv heat’

Mike Ivnitsky brings us new work set on a blistering hot August day in Tel Aviv.

“Shay & I have shot together once before & occasionally cross paths since we go to the same clubs & concerts & share a similar (horrible) sense of humour. Recently we talked that we should find time to shoot together again, cause a year passed, new tattoos were inked & life generally went on. We met in a friends apartment in Tel Aviv on a horribly hot August day (around 40C) & got drunk in the cool AC while listening to Mac Demarco & talking about people that should fucking die.”

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