Andrew Obtinalla

‘Tessa, Apache & the DMC’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

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Photographer: Andrew Obtinalla / Model: Tessa Greiner / Model Management: Plutino Models / HMUA: Sierra Elliott / Wardrobe: With Us Vintage / Location: Apache Burgers, Toronto Ontario
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Andrew Obtinalla ‘Tessa, Apache & the DMC’

Toronto photographer Andrew Obtinalla merges inspiration from Riverdale & Back-to-the-Future for his stunnign debut feature. This is ‘Tessa, Apache & the DMC’.

“For this shoot, I was heavily inspired by the visuals and cinematography from the hit Netflix show, Riverdale. The parallel of their moody aesthetics was something that we needed to bring to the table for this set. By collateral of the use of a DeLorean, I was also inspired by the film Back-to-the-Future and the use of any cool lighting and neon
lights. The entire series was also shot completely with Kodak Portra 800 film, perfect for a late night. We also included traces and undertones inspired by Gregory Crewdson, although not nearly equal in production. Alas. With the model we chose, Tessa, we wanted to give her that throwback Betty look, as well as something just a bit edgier say, a Sloane Peterson. Luckily our friends at With Us Vintage hooked that up! This shoot was pretty wild, and it was a blessing to work with this crew.

A connection of mine lead me to a vintage car owner, Michael, who owned a 1970’s DeLorean DMC-12, or commonly knows as just “The DeLorean”. It’s truly an iconic vehicle and so it called for an iconic location to shoot at. This shoot was shot at a long time local favourite burger joint, Apache Burgers, who seem to have not changed anything about their aesthetics and their business since they opened in ’69. The different wavy neon lighting in their signature store front played well off the reflections of the car and gave us this timeless look we were going for! Even though the night presented us with rain and shitty weather, the team managed to put something pretty incredible together and I think it added a bit of something to the shoot.”

Director: Twayne Pereira (@twayner_)

First Assistant Camera: Jessie Wald (@jaydoublyou)

Second Assistant Camera: Ryan Anthony (@ryandanthony)

Gaffer: Zeik Inocencio (@zeikgraphic)



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