Nick Spector

‘Texture & Light’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Nick Spector / Director: Nick Spector / Model: Kelsey Palijan / Model Management: Spot 6 Management Toronto / Stylist: Shanti Abbott / Make-up Artist: Cindy Yu
Texture & Light: 1/8
Texture & Light: 2/8
Texture & Light: 3/8
Texture & Light: 4/8
Texture & Light: 5/8
Texture & Light: 6/8
Texture & Light: 7/8
Texture & Light: 8/8

Texture and Light from Nick Spector on Vimeo.

Nick Spector ‘Texture & Light’

For his latest feature, Toronto artist Nick Spector aims to bring together simple elements to create a unique editorial that is equal parts dark, demure & playful.

“Rather than using a location or intricate lighting/set/props to tell a story, this shoot was about stripping all that away & focusing on creating a cohesive series with little more than a homemade backdrop, window light & a team of artists who embrace the weird & unconventional.”



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