Pryscilla Dantas

‘The art of loneliness’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Pryscilla Dantas / Model: Karol Souza
The art of loneliness: 1/7
The art of loneliness: 2/7
The art of loneliness: 3/7
The art of loneliness: 4/7
The art of loneliness: 5/7
The art of loneliness: 6/7
The art of loneliness: 7/7

Pryscilla Dantas ‘The art of loneliness’

Set at an old abandoned pool in Brasilia, here is ‘The art of loneliness’ by Pryscilla Dantas starring Karol Souza.

“The idea behind this photoshoot with Karol was to look for something clean, but also something that will evoke feelings of melancholy & loneliness. The location was in an old pool, abandoned in 1997, & it was exactly what we were looking for.”

This series spoke to me this morning since I’ve been left all alone at home to work after a weekend with my family all over me. Monday’s are always a little lonely. By Wednesday, anyone who enters my work space can just fuck off. By Friday, you can come back now, but make sure you bring me some Vodka Soda 🙂



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