Rachel Mia

‘The celestial woman (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

4 photographs.
Photographer: Rachel Mia / Model: Pip Hicken / HMUA: Rachel Mia / Stylist: Rachel Mia
The celestial woman (NSFW): 1/4
The celestial woman (NSFW): 2/4
The celestial woman (NSFW): 3/4
The celestial woman (NSFW): 4/4

Rachel Mia ‘The celestial woman (NSFW)’

Rachel Mia captures her muse, Pip Hicken in vibrant blue for her stunning debut series. This is ‘The celestial woman’.

“Historically, the colour blues signifies divine contemplation. In moral virtues, it signifies godliness of conversation, & it’s considered the colour of the air, attributed to celestial beings whose own contemplations are about divine things, which is also the main reason it was used in religious ceremonies, such as the garment of high priests under Jewish dispensation, associated as a colour with the Virgin Mary & one of the colours signifying royalty in ancient Egypt. In many studies dealing with symbolism blue is seen to be associated with heavenly love, truth, fidelity & constancy.”



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