Jasmin P.IAS

‘The demon dance’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Jasmin P.IAS / Model: Codruța Corocea
The demon dance: 1/6
The demon dance: 2/6
The demon dance: 3/6
The demon dance: 4/6
The demon dance: 5/6
The demon dance: 6/6

Jasmin P.IAS ‘The demon dance’

Young Romanian artist, Jasmin presents her debut series starring Codruța Corocea.

“Well I think, that if she wasn’t beautiful you wouldn’t have even stopped to look” were the words of fashion designer Roberto Sarno while casting Jesse in The Neon Demon. Inspired by the subject & amazing visuals of this movie, I created a set of digital photographs together with gorgeous model Codruta Corocea. The Demon Dance is a set of neon light pictures that reveal the pure essence of a young woman discovering her beauty. The photographs should be viewed while listening to Julian Winding – The Demon Dance & keeping in mind that “beauty isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.”




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