Maria Di Stefano

‘The end’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Maria Di Stefano / Model: Bei Kuo / Wardrobe: The End Lingerie
The end: 1/11
The end: 2/11
The end: 3/11
The end: 4/11
The end: 5/11
The end: 6/11
The end: 7/11
The end: 8/11
The end: 9/11
The end: 10/11
The end: 11/11

Maria Di Stefano ‘The end’

Italian, US based photographer, Maria Di Stefano debuts with her rad AF series starring Bei Kuo being amazing in her own kinky, organic lingerie designs.

“As Johnstone said, “when we enter into society we made a pact with our self” I represent the intolerance to the pact & the silent reaction: a dissociation, a disconnected point of view, a detachment from the reality. A contra culture trying to reunite unconventional values to create a fictitious religion, practicing the charm of fear, the poetics of violence & anxiety of consumption.

Here we are bartering normality for violent penetration. The bodies are now uncontrollable, testimony to identity & culture, a site of physical & psychological trauma, institutional control & enforced sexual norms. Intimacy is sacred & it has been violated.

We want to look at what we are afraid to look at. This look is full of fetishism & curiosity, the gaze is voyeuristic & hypocrite. Commodity triumphs as a spectacle, the object becomes image; it is covered by an erotic aura – the fascination of the never touched. packaging envelops it – the eternal frozen image of a young James Dean, a virginal marriage.

I Usually ask myself: “why my art should exist?” & the answer is always “it shouldn’t”. My art will not help the hunger but will satisfy a carving.”



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