Tania Apolinar

‘The end’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Tania Apolinar / Art director: Tania Apolinar / Model: Julissa Yasmeen / Stylist: Bei Kuo / Make-up Artist: Tashi Honnery / Location: COLONY Studios Brooklyn
The end: 1/15
The end: 2/15
The end: 3/15
The end: 4/15
The end: 5/15
The end: 6/15
The end: 7/15
The end: 8/15
The end: 9/15
The end: 10/15
The end: 11/15
The end: 12/15
The end: 13/15
The end: 14/15
The end: 15/15

Tania Apolinar ‘The end’

Mexican born, NY based artist, Tania Apolinar brings us her debut feature in collaboration with ‘The End’ lingerie.

“Tashi & Julissa were complete strangers for me before this shoot. We connected through Instagram (of course) & we decided to shoot in my home studio since it was a freezing day in New York. We knew we wanted to create an 80’s new-wave kinda vibe, so we played with lights & smoke. Honestly the chillest shoot I’ve had, these ladies are so talented in what they do that everything came up as planned.”



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