Claudia Bird

‘The hangover club’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Claudia Bird / Model: Jess Stewart / Model Management: Colours Agency / HMUA: Kay Felvus
The hangover club: 1/6
The hangover club: 2/6
The hangover club: 3/6
The hangover club: 4/6
The hangover club: 5/6
The hangover club: 6/6

Claudia Bird ‘The hangover club’

We’ve all been there!… That day when we announce to everyone we see “I am never drinking again!” Only that day for me (since reaching 30) has turned into a whole week of pain. We are all members of the same club. Just in time for the weekend, ‘The hangover club’ is our latest feature from Glascow photographer, Claudia Bird starring Jess Stewart.

“I had this idea a few days before it about doing a shoot where the model has been out the night before. I thought it would be cool to try and get good shots out of what is usually a pretty terrible time ha! So I’m asking Jess to channel all the thoughts you have the next day like “shit, did I kiss that weird guy again?” or “why am I such a bitch to my best friend when I’m pissed?” – the usual! Kay created three main hair/make-up looks to try and make it look as natural as possible; waking up with your make-up still on (we’ve all been there), trying to sort yourself out with a shower & then partially getting ready to go out again, which in the case of this shoot, failed! Great team and good laugh as always.”



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