Ines Marinho

‘The hours’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Ines Marinho / Model: Maria Smirnova
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Ines Marinho ‘The hours’

From an early age Portugal photographer, Inês Marinho has been fascinated by stories, both in books & films. Today she uses photography as the basis for her own storytelling, a way to discover, explore & express herself & the reality around her.

In her latest editorial, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s & Michael Cunningham’s books, “Mrs Dalloway/The Hours” meet the city of Porto.

“Maria met me in the apartment, where we started the session and later we walked to some iconic Porto architectural sites. The weather changed at every hour: it started with a hot autumn sun, followed by clouds & sun showers. Maria is a natural beauty.”

Featured brands: Acne, Cos, Zara, Ecolã.



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