Camila Fortunato

‘The identity of being’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Camila Fortunato / Editor: Camila Fortunato / Model: Lera / Model Management: Welovemodels / Stylist: Agostina Capriata / Talent Agency: Mistik
The identity of being: 1/6
The identity of being: 2/6
The identity of being: 3/6
The identity of being: 4/6
The identity of being: 5/6
The identity of being: 6/6

Camila Fortunato ‘The identity of being’

Camila Fortunato brings us new stunning work out of Buenos Aires.

“What is identity? We ask ourselves this every time we look in the mirror. Who I am? Does it matter? If after all, we are just containers filled with millions of ideas, of love, of fear, of laughter. Identity is that. It is knowing that that mirror reflects beyond what any human eye wants & can see. It is the invisible & the most real that we know. That day we were seven women working in this publishing house whose hidden message we did not know until today.



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