Tiphaine Crespel

‘The language of legs’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Tiphaine Crespel / Model: Tiphaine Crespel
The language of legs: 1/9
The language of legs: 2/9
The language of legs: 3/9
The language of legs: 4/9
The language of legs: 5/9
The language of legs: 6/9
The language of legs: 7/9
The language of legs: 8/9
The language of legs: 9/9

Tiphaine Crespel ‘The language of legs’

‘The language of legs’ is a series of symbolic self portraits by & starring French photographer, Tiphaine Crespel.

“These auto portraits are a correspondence, a long letter that I do not write but that I photograph. A structured story that narrates precise instants of my life, a look on femininity that I stage or represent with analogies of matter, of colours, of symbols.

These shots arose from a consideration of my position as a muse, as an artists wife, & what has been a life force became a spontaneous artistic & rich exchange. This work would not exist without the presence of my husband, Cédrix Crespel, French painter, who inspires me everyday to makes these shots with the greatest sincerity”.



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