Sander Dekker

‘The project’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Sander Dekker / Model: Baby scorpions / Model: Лидия Степ / Model: Oxana Bulyga / Model: Nina Gubskaya / Model: Lera Integral
The project: 1/12
The project: 2/12
The project: 3/12
The project: 4/12
The project: 5/12
The project: 6/12
The project: 7/12
The project: 8/12
The project: 9/12
The project: 10/12
The project: 11/12
The project: 12/12

My name is Sander Dekker - 'the Project' from Sander Dekker on Vimeo.

Sander Dekker ‘The project’

Sander Dekker brings us a selection of rad quirky images from a series that he started in 2011 that somewhere along the way caught my attention & has kept me inspired & smiling ever since.

“‘The Project’ is a series of portraits that I started to make in 2011. The topics are never friends or acquaintances, but people I find on social media. I choose people I admire as subjects; outgoing, spontaneous & always a bit eccentric. I basically ask them if I can photograph them in their own home, then book a ticket & get on the plane. It was quite a ride! Now that the use of social media has reached its peak (according to my findings), it is time to end the project. For my last trip, I chose to go to Moscow. I hope you enjoy some of the highlights of my final trip.”



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