Jason Landis

‘The quiet life’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Jason Landis / Assistant photographer: Sam Lerner / Model: Lauren de Maurégné / Model: Morgan Quinn / Wardrobe: The Quiet Life
The quiet life: 1/6
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The quiet life: 3/6
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The quiet life: 6/6

Jason Landis ‘The quiet life’

Here is a little peek at Jason Landis’ recent trip to Big Sur with his GF, his BF & his BF’s GF. Luckily their friends over at ‘The Quiet Life’ hooked them up with some warm gear on the way. Here is what Jason told us about their shoot…

“We were headed up to Big Sur for my friend, Sam’s birthday. This is my girlfriend & my friend Sam’s girlfriend & we have all been friends for quite some time now. Everything was super natural, we just had a good time & they are used to me taking millions of photos of them”.



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