Luke Houba

‘The tropical roast’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Luke Houba / Graham Paul Kennedy / Model: Olivia Otten / Stylist: Annicq Pretorius
The tropical roast: 1/6
The tropical roast: 2/6
The tropical roast: 3/6
The tropical roast: 4/6
The tropical roast: 5/6
The tropical roast: 6/6

Luke Houba ‘The tropical roast’

So much fun stuff coming out of South Africa atm & this is the latest, ‘The Tropical Roast’ by 20 year old, Cape Town based photographer, Luke Houba.

The shoot was about creating/promoting a fun, crazy & exciting feel for the theme of a party called ‘The Tropical Roast’, held by Graham Paul Kennedy who also art directed the shoot.



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