Vlada Ivanova

‘The witchcraft’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Vlada Ivanova / Art director: Igor Gareev  / Stylist: Danil Bely / Make-up Artist: Valeriya Kutsan / Make-up Artist: Yekaterina Danilina / Model: Polina Nekrasova
The witchcraft: 1/7
The witchcraft: 2/7
The witchcraft: 3/7
The witchcraft: 4/7
The witchcraft: 5/7
The witchcraft: 6/7
The witchcraft: 7/7

Vlada Ivanova ‘The witchcraft’

The latest editorial by Russian photographer Vlada Ivanova derives inspiration from 90s American fashion through the prism of cult film ‘the craft’. Vlada’s Gothic series perfectly ties together the spooky, powerful & sensual.

Wardrobe; Azart, Zachem Brand, Gamayun, Ssanaya, Milke, Kalifesta, Fabulousbeasts, Into Into, Double12Atelier.



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