Mollie Dendle

‘The world of Ambar’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Mollie Dendle / Model: Ambar Driscoll / Model Management: Anti-agency
The world of Ambar: 1/8
The world of Ambar: 2/8
The world of Ambar: 3/8
The world of Ambar: 4/8
The world of Ambar: 5/8
The world of Ambar: 6/8
The world of Ambar: 7/8
The world of Ambar: 8/8

Mollie Dendle ‘The world of Ambar’

In collaboration with Anti Agency, UK photographer, Mollie Dendle delves into the world’s of individuals, in this case “the world of Ambar”.

“The shoots are devoid from makeup artists, styling & retouching to capture the real & more relatable side to models. By capturing people at home, in a way they want to be captured, I hope to create a sense of normality through the portrayal of their personality, as opposed to the personalities of creatives such as makeup artists & stylists.”



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