Kate Opre

‘These days’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Kate Opre / Photographer: Tatum Cummins / Stylist: Kate Opre / Model: Kate Opre / Model: Tatum Cummins
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Kate Opre ‘These days’

When close friends & young 35mm film photographers/collaborators, Kate Opre & Tatum Cummins showed me their work I became an instant fan. ‘These days’ is their debut feature, but get used to seeing their names up here 🙂

“We shot in late July. When Tatum & I get together to shoot it is usually spontaneous, & we bring a bunch of outfits & just take pictures! This particular shoot was a little Nico inspired, but we just were looking for an angsty-70s vibe.”



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