This is our jam –

Luci Crystal

‘This is our jam’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Luci Crystal / Model: Paulina Ruiz
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Luci Crystal ‘This is our jam’

Fashion Photographer Luci Crystal & this adorable blonde fire cracker, Paulina met the way most people do… instagram, duh. Luci hadn’t shot for a while & Paulina was interested in modelling & 24 hours later they found themselves in Luci’s tiny studio apartment having a blast. Here’s what Luci told us about their day…

“I had so many ideas, but the main idea was to shoot in a comfy setting, but it quickly turned into a pile of neon colors, glitter, smoke bombs & geometric shapes. It definitely made me see how much I love shooting and how much I really missed it. After our shoot we enjoyed some yummy Teriyaki Burgers from this incredible burger place nearby at the park. While at the park Paulina was using the word “Jam” on repeat and that’s how the name of the editorial came about 🙂



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