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Heather Reese ‘Thrifty’

Heather Mcintosh puts her main focus on building strong editorial teams with women of colour. “I want to celebrate marginalized women & trans women, & grow from sharing our experiences, regardless of social media status.” Most recently she captured her beautiful cousin Gemma O’Niel in a thrift store. This is ‘Thrifty’.

“We have seen so many amazing things come from social media, & we have taken so many progressive steps forward in our society, but we have also regressed in so many ways. The value of a human has become very much tied up in social media following & status & dictated heavily by a still white privileged influence. I feel very strongly we have to work harder towards an inclusive acceptance of one another as women. I also want to see more black art directors & producers hiring black photographers & black makeup artist & black models. I was ashamed of my black culture for so long & saw myself as less than the women around me. I wish I had been empowered to embraced my unique features, my dark skin, stretch marks & curves. I want to work with women who create art solely because they love it. They create art for themselves, & that is enough for them. Its not about the fame, recognition or social media status. I’m not ashamed to admit that Ive not always put that in the forefront of my work and I regret that it has taken me so long to open my eyes. Sticks & Stones supported my work from the very beginning & validated my point of view as a woman & as an individual & I am forever grateful.”



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