Donari Braxton

‘Till 5am’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Donari Braxton / Model: Sandra Glinka
Till 5am: 1/7
Till 5am: 2/7
Till 5am: 3/7
Till 5am: 4/7
Till 5am: 5/7
Till 5am: 6/7
Till 5am: 7/7

Donari Braxton ‘Till 5am’

This Valentines weekend, don’t forget bout your single ladies!…

“Sandra came by to sip some bubbles & discuss melancholy things like death, off-Broadway, Estonia & online dating. By the time we’d finished shooting, we’d forgotten how many times she’d spilled prosecco on the carpet. After the shoot, she took my wife dancing until five in the morning. I wasn’t invited.”

-Donari Braxton



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